The Beginning of the Beginning

I have always said that I should write a book. “No one would believe the things that happen to me”, I always say. Now that I’m unemployed (more on that later), I figure now is as good a time as any to get started. Hell, now is the best time there’ll probably ever be since full-time employment and being a single mom don’t allow for much down time. “The book will be amazing” I think to myself. It will:

1. Allow family and friends to keep up with what Turner and I are doing.

2. Document our life so that when Turner gets older he can remember the things we’ve done and places we’ve been.

3. Be a cathartic release of the past and hopeful look towards the future (no pressure)

Initial thoughts were so positive, motivated and determined. I was all in. As I overthought it, as I often do, I thought, “who has time to read anymore?” Ugh! 🙄

Long story long, I decided on this blog! Now you can choose what and how much you want to read about our life. It’s a win/win!

Adding on to my hopes for my book turned blog (see above), I hope this blog will give you a glimpse into our life, our travels and our ups and downs. I’d love for you to read, comment and share your stories, opinions and advice. No matter how different they may be, they’re welcome here! I’d like to make you laugh a little, even if it’s at my expense (as it likely will be). Mostly, I want to share with you the deep love I have for my son and our life together. Being a single mom is hard, damn hard. But, it is also so rewarding and filled with lots and lots of love. I hope other single moms, moms, single dads, dads, grandmas, grand…you get the idea…will read, share and enjoy our story.

Here’s to the beginning!


The Benefits

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