Pick your friends, pick your nose, pick your battles

As a single mom, I have mastered the art of picking my battles. I should preface this by saying my son, Turner, is such a good boy there’s little to complain about. However, there is just not enough time in the day to nitpick every little thing. So, I am putting together a running list of things that I just don’t bother getting upset about anymore.

1. The hidden pile of crushed goldfish under his car seat.

2. The fact that my living room will always and forever look like the island of misfit toys.

3. How he wears his shorts over his sweatpants because he thinks he looks like a hockey player.

4. Socks (a) – the random, floating socks that I find in and around his bed.

5. Socks (b) – the fact that I will never be able to get his white socks white again – no matter how much bleach I pour into the machine.

6. Fingerprints. Enough said.

7. How much time he is spending on his iPad. Between school, playing outside and the educational games he has on it, I have to pick my battles.

8. Eating a slice of bread for breakfast. He just likes it. I’ve tried! Trust me!

9. Crocs – they’re his go-to shoe. I have to say, I LOVE crocs. Any shoe that can get filthy but is so easy to clean and he can slip on and off in a second is an A+ product in my book. However, he tends to want to wear them with everything! Again, I pick my battles for all of the reasons previously mentioned.

10. Peanut butter and jelly for dinner – my mother would tell you this is close to a mortal sin. Being Italian, anything less than a 3-course dinner is no dinner at all. But, he’s a kid! And sometimes he just wants some PB&J!

I will definitely keep adding to this list as the things I let slide continue to pile up.

What are the things you “pick your battles” on?


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