Our First Major Injury

Turner has never had a major injury and I couldn’t be more thankful. I don’t have the strongest stomach for blood, puke or snot. The stomach bug has not yet visited our house and we have yet to experience any major broken bones (I realize I am jinxing this as I type). So, when T ran to me crying, covered in blood, there was only one thing to do: panic!

I have run through this scenario in my mind since he was born. What would I do if anything happened to him? Would I be able to handle it? They say a mother’s instinct kicks into gear in these situations (again, who is “they”? I don’t know!), and it absolutely did. I was surprisingly calm, pressing my forehead to his and assuring him that he was going to be okay. I had no clue where the blood was coming from or the extent of his injury but I knew I had to get him to calm down before I looked. Luckily we have some medically trained family members that were helping with that part. And, off to the ER we went.

All in all, we spent 2 hours at the ER and left with 2 staples in the back of Turner’s head. With the amount of blood, it seemed much worse. I was beyond proud of him for how brave he was and pretty proud of myself for holding it together.

Tell me your stories so I can prepare for what’s to come!


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