My little sister got married!

My sister’s wedding was perfect. Months of planning and anticipation led to one of the best weddings I have ever been to. And I’m not just saying that. Corey was glowing. As her older sister who always looked out for her growing up, there is no greater joy than knowing that she married a wonderful person and is truly, truly happy.

When I got married, she was my Maid of Honor so, I got to return the favor. Being her only nephew, Turner was the ring bearer. He took the job very seriously!

Turner is usually a more reserved kid. He’s very much like my grandfather. We always say that he has an old soul. He’s funny as anything, but also very sensitive, caring, calm and easy going. So, when he danced from the minute the music started playing until midnight, I was shocked! It was awesome to see him let loose and enjoy himself! He loved the attention from the crowds of people circling to watch him. I may be biased, but he was the most handsome ring bearer I have ever seen!

There is so much more I could say about how wonderful the day was, but I will leave you with this. Your wedding should be a reflection of you, together, as a couple. From the venue, to the friends and family who traveled from all over the globe, to the food, music and dancing, I would say that the future for my little sister, Corey and her husband, my new brother, Jon, looks so bright!

Here is an amazing video that truly encapsulates what a perfect day it was. Check back for my post about my Maid of Honor speech in the coming days.


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