Disney & The Benefits – Part 1

Since Turner was born I have been waiting to take him to Disney. I have always loved the magic of Disney and used to visit yearly with family friends when I was in high school.

I waited until T turned five to take him because I wanted him to be young enough to enjoy it but old enough to remember it. Five felt like the right age because he is just old enough that he didn’t need a stroller. I felt for all of those parents maneuvering large strollers in and out of lines and crowds of hundreds of people. I couldn’t imagine how difficult it must have been so kudos to them!  Also, if you want to stay on the property, participate in the dining plan and go to all four theme parks, Disney is a major investment. MAJOR. So, taking him at an age where he would remember the experience felt more “worth it”.

Our trip was nothing short of magical in every way. From beginning to end, I couldn’t have dreamed up a better way to spend his 5th birthday. I booked everything through a friend who is a Mickey World Travel Agent and I cannot recommend these agents enough! They are so knowledgeable, assist with every detail, book all reservations and cost NOTHING. That’s right, $0. Absolutely worth it!

We stayed at the Boardwalk Inn and there are no words to describe how perfect this hotel is. I knew I wanted to stay at one of the Epcot resorts because they are so centrally located. A short walk to Epcot, a 7-minute boat ride to Hollywood Studios and quick bus ride to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Disney Springs, the location of the Boardwalk Inn can’t be beat. Plus, the shops, restaurants and entertainment of the Boardwalk at night make it perfect place to unwind after a day at the parks. The hotel is so amazing, I will have to write a separate and more detailed review. Stay tuned.


I debated whether or not the dining plan would be worth it. Again, this is where the suggestions of my Mickey World Travel Agent were invaluable. He asked me to put together a list of the restaurants I wanted to try. Naturally, I researched the atmosphere, quality of the food and locations of every restaurant extensively before landing on a few I felt we had to try. When I sent him my list, he strongly encouraged the Deluxe Dining Plan and I’m so thankful he did. The restaurants we were able to eat at were some of the best I have ever been to. We never had to worry about what we were eating or how much it cost. The dining plan is all based on points so the only things you pay for at the end of the meal are alcoholic beverages and tip. Some of our meals were well over $300, and well worth every penny, but all of it was covered by the meal plan. And, the amount of food you get for the cost of the plan – appetizer, entree and dessert – was more than any of us could eat. Many days, we did breakfast and dinner and just had snacks here and there throughout the day, which was perfect for really enjoying the parks and not having to stop to eat. I highly recommend the dining plan if you’re on the fence.

There’s so much to say about our trip that I have to split it into separate posts for fear of missing some details that might be useful to you. The hotel, the restaurants, the magic of Disney for a little boy’s 5th birthday, all of it made for the trip of a lifetime!

I sat out on our balcony on the first night, looking at this amazing view. We hadn’t even been there for 2 hours yet and hadn’t stepped foot in a park. Turner came up to me and told me this was the best birthday he ever had! Immediately, my eyes welled up with tears. That is what makes it all worth while!


The Benefits


  1. Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

    May 10, 2017 at 1:29 am

    YES! the best comment a parent can get! that meal plan sounds interesting so i’m assuming you’ll go into more detail on the next post? 🙂

    1. abenefit

      May 10, 2017 at 7:11 am

      Yes! I will give more details about the meal plan in my post today! Thanks for reading!

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