And just like that…

two months have gone by. I know that time moves quickly once you get older, but holy crap! I blinked and May and June were gone.

In all fairness, May was completely consumed by Turner getting his tonsils and adenoids removed and the complications that came with that. More to come on that later. Mix in a bachelorette party and some other wedding festivities and BAM, May was over.

June has been the month of weddings and parties. My little sister got married and it was the most beautiful and fun wedding I have ever been to…including my own. More to come on that one too. We had a great 80th surprise party for my Gram, another beautiful wedding, a couple other parties and barbecues and BAM, there goes June, too.

My life is feeling the affects of the 2-month hiatus. My yard looks as if the last bit of snow melted yesterday. My house is covered in half opened party favors, dresses that need dry cleaning, wilting centerpieces and boxes of random junk. I’ve been looking for jobs here and there but haven’t devoted the time I should be, because I haven’t had it. In other words, 2 months have gone in the blink of an eye and I have nothing to show for it but a messy house and lots of yard work.

Has this ever happened to you? A time where you look back and say man, where did the time go? I swear yesterday was May 1st. This isn’t the same as when I look at my son and wonder how the hell he is 5 already. I mean, that went by fast but, I remember the sleepless nights, his baby snuggles, how he spit up every time he ate and his first steps. This is more like, what on earth did I do over the past 8 weeks!? Sure there have been things going on as I mentioned above, but it has all been an 8-week blur!

Tell me your stories. Make me feel better. Is it just getting older? In the meantime, I’ll be outside weeding.


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