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Hi! We are The Benefits!

Yes, really, our last name is Benefit! It’s a fun talking point in line at the grocery store, with telemarketers that call at ungodly hours of the day/night and still ask you to spell it, or with random strangers who want to be “friends with Benefits” :-/.

My name is Alyssa. I’m a 32 year-old single mom to the coolest little boy, Turner, 5, also affectionately known as T, Toodles, Toots, monkey and Turnaaah to our more heavily Boston-accented family members.

I have always joked that I should write a book about our life because people would not believe it if they read it. Well, joke’s on you! Here it is! An unfiltered, semi-funny view at life as a working single-mom trying to do the best she can to give the most special little boy the life he deserves! We love sports, love to travel and love our crazy family so much we even asked Grammie to come live with us!

From online dating, starting Kindergarten and traveling the world to the products that help us get through it all, we’re thrilled you are here to live beside us as we navigate this crazy life.


The Benefits

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